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The 1st National CPIP Meeting, 18th June 2021

On 18th June 2021, the first national Cerebral Palsy Integrated Pathway was held online. It was a great success (even if we do say so ourselves!) with just under 400 people gathering to hear about CPIP, its origins in Sweden and Scotland and its impact across the UK and Ireland.

Above you can dowload the programme and below are (most of) the presentations and posters. 


Invited Speaker Presentations

Laura Wiggins tells us about the history and development of the Cerebral Palsy Integrated Pathway Scotland (CPIPS)

Sarah Dewhurst talks about the evolution of CPIP in the UK and RoI

From reactive to preventative management of cerebral palsy, by Gunnar Hägglund from Lund, Sweden and one of the creators of CPUP

Lesley Harper who helped set up CPIPS tells us how it has changed physiothearpy practice over the years.

And Heather Read, also one of the founders of CPIPS tells us how it has changed the orthopaedic management of CP

Michelle Baylis who helped introduce CPIP in the West Midlands, the first region in England to use it, tells about hers and others experiences of the process

Elaine Hopper celebrates how CPIP actually works in practice with a detailed case study

(note - Harry Hipster not his real name!)

Alex Gill and Helen Johnston, "From then to now", how they set up CPIP in the Sheffield region

Mark Gaston from Edinburgh tells us about evidence gathered from CPIPS and how he and others are using it to influence practice around the world

Rachel Rapson's inspiring talk about improving participation outcomes for children with CP and the 6 F-words for Child Development (Function, Family, Fitness, Fun, Friends and Future).

The NHS Paediatric Movement Therapies CQUIN

Download Charlie Fairhurst's PowerPoint presentation here

Unfortunately, this talk wasn't recorded so you won't be able to hear Charlie's entertaining take on the machinations of the NHS!

Broadening the scope of healthcare for children and young people with cerebral palsies over time: a longitudinal, population-based study

Karen Horridge and Gavin DeKiewiet

The prevalence and nature of sleep disturbances experienced by children wtih CP aged 3-18y in Northern Ireland

Mary-Elaine McCalvert, Oliver Perra, Karen McConnell and Claire Kerr

Examining the impact of virtual consultantion during the Covid pandemic lockdown on children and young people with cerebral palsy using CPIP data

V Wong-Spraklen, R Martell, A Birchnall, K Stohr and A Sansome

What is usual physiotherapy care for ambulant children with cerebral palsy in the UK?

Rachel Rapson, Jonathan Marsden, Jos Latour, Harriet Hughes and Bernie Carter

A retrospective study of the short-term outcomes of patients in Scotland with Diplegic Cerebral Palsy who have had Selective Dorsal Rhizotomy

Craig MacPhee, Heather Read, Simon Barker, Mark Gaston, Jamie Maclean and Donald Campbell

The Development of a Spinal Pathway for Children with Complex Needs

Kirsty Yates and Penny Jones

Paediatric Physiotherapists attitudes on the implementation of the CPIP-UK hip surveillance programme

Amie Neal

Audit and Patient Satisfaction Survey of a Pilot CPIP Multi-Disciplinary X-ray Clinic

Anna Jones and Janice Pryke

Guided Growth of the Hip in Cerebral Palsy: A systematic review of literature and meta-analysis of this novel technique

P Buddhdev, R Van Stralen and M Lebe

Can the Physiological Vulnerability Score predict outcomes of hip reconstruction in children with severe neuromuscular disability?

A Bevan, A Aarvold, C Edwards and S Bennet

The CP Hip Outcomes Projetct (CHOP): An update on the UK cohort

Download PowerPoint slideshow here

M Mifsud, T Theologis and U Narayanan

Practice variation for treating hip displacement in children with cerebral palsy

Download PowerPoint slideshow here

M Mifsud, U Narayanan, U Givon, K Graham, M Jozwiak, K Mulpuri, B Shore, T Theologis, W Schrader. The CHOP Research Group.

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Free Paper Presentations

Free Paper Presentations
Invited Speaker Presentations

Poster Presentations

Poster Presentations
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